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When you shop with Return Guarantee Protection, your satisfaction with most purchases made using any credit card, cash, or check is guaranteed! You can not only get a refund of purchase prices on the great products like the ones listed below, but also on many other new manufactured products bought in the U.S.! Here's how it works: If you make the return within 90 days of purchase and properly file your claim, you are guaranteed your money back up to $500.00 per claim and $1,000.00 per member per twelve month period, except for sales tax and any shipping charges you may have paid.

*Material Restrictions Apply

Exercise Equipment
Home Appliances
Home Furnishings
Kitchen Appliances
Sheets and Bedding
Table Accessories

Table Linens
... and more!
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The exact benefit terms shown above may differ from the terms described when you joined.
Please refer to the Benefit Terms & Conditions you received during your enrollment.
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