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Warranty Extension Protection
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Warranty Extension Protection

Your Buyers Advantage membership entitles you to up to five full years of warranty coverage from date of purchase for almost all eligible purchases you make using any credit card, cash or check. Any eligible item with a purchase price up to $5,000.00 which is covered by a manufacturer's U.S. warranty will automatically have the warranty, with all its provisions, extended to a total of five years (60 months) from the original date of purchase while your membership is active1.

The table below shows just a few examples of items that may be covered.

  With Warranty Extension Protection the manufacturer's U.S. warranty will be extended up to five years on...
Answering Machines
Cordless Phones
DVD Players
Stereos/Stereo Components
MP3 Players

Home Appliances
Air Conditioners
Vacuum Cleaners

Kitchen Appliances
Exercise Equipment
Exercise Bikes

...and many other products bought in the U.S.!  
Full Terms & Conditions

The exact benefit terms shown above may differ from the terms described when you joined.
Please refer to the Benefit Terms & Conditions you received during your enrollment.
1. Warranty Extension Protection applis to products with a sales price under $5,000, and only to repairs covered under the manufacturer's U.S. Extension Protection per occurrence is up to the lesser of $5,000 and the purchase price of the product. This benefits is not available to Maine and Puerto Rico residents. Protection is in effect only while membership is active. For a description of coverages and limitations thereof, please review the Warranty Extension Terms and Conditions which are enclosed in your membership materials. Certain states may deem the Warranty Extension Protection benefit to be a form of insurance; sccordingly, this benefit to be a form of insurance; accordingly, this benefit is offered in those states through Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc. and are underwritten by Virginia Surety Comapny,Inc.